English Equivilents



capable, able to, can do able$ readability|readable
wash|washable, tax|taxable, fashion|fasionable
wash|washable, tax|taxable, comfort|comfortable
move|movable, note|notable, adore|adorable, use|usable, sale|salable, improve|improvable
ably$ pass|passably, fashion|fashionably
group ad$ triad, monad
ade$ lemonade, accolade, blockade
forming a noun age$ assemble|assemblage, mile|mileage
leading agogy$ pedagogy, demagogy
aspect of, pertaining to al$ (see


function|functional, accident|accidental, profession|professional
viscera|visceral, protozoa|protozoal, vagina|vaginal
abstract noun al$ arrive|arrival, refuse|refusal, appraise|appraisal
property (aspect, behaviour, condition) of ality$ proportionality, sexuality (see -al and -ity)
an$ Cambodia|Cambodian
an$ amphibia|amphibian
republican, Roman, veteran
an act of, a state of, the result of (see ence$) ance$ govern|governance, annoy|annoyance, repent|repentance
defiant|defiance, conformant|conformance, relevant|relevance, relevant|relevance,
ancy$ pregnancy, redundancy, vacancy
pertaining to, VERB + ing (see ent$) ant$ relax|relaxant
radiate|radiant, dominate|dominant, please|pleasant
one who, that which (see ent$) ant$ triumph|triumphant, assist|assistant, inhabit|inhabitant
stimulate|stimulant, immigrate|immigrant
ar$ alveola|alveolar, fibula|fibular
insulate|insular, modulate|modular
line|linear, module|modular
ar$ beggar, liar
ard$ drunkard, coward, wizard, steward
pertaining to, verb + ing (see ory$) ary$ inflation|inflationary, second|secondary, caution|cautionary
a place where (see ory$) ary$ diction|dictionary, seminar|seminary
ruler, leader arch$ monarch, tetrarch
rule, leadership archy$ gynarchy, anarchy
a place where arium$ aquarium
asia$ fantasia|fantastic
pertaining to, VERB + ing ate$ adequacy|adequate, celibacy, celibate
desper|desperate, fortune|fortunate
one who, that which ate$ certify|certificate, advocate|advocate
to VERB, to cause to, to make ate$ libera|liberate, hyphen|hyphenate, concentration|concentrate, oscille|oscillate
sporting event athlon$ pentathlon, decathlon
state or concept of ation$ flirt|flirtation
admire|admiration, starve|starvation, hesitate|hesitation, explore|exploration
from verb with -ate, state or concept of ation$ alienate|alienation, concentrate|concentration, oscillate|oscillation, narrate|narration, invite|invitation
ative$ relate|relative, narrate|narrative
ative$ talkative, lucrative, affirmative
atory$ laboratory, conversatory
heading in the direction of bound$ inbound, outbound, citybound
body cavity cele$, coele$, coel$ mucocoel or mucocoele
tumor, hernia cele$ hydatidocele
puncturing centesis$ amniocentesis, rachicentesis
relating to the head cephalic$ anencephaly, macrocephaly
small grainlike structure chondrion$ mitochondrion
murder, killing agent cide$ suicide, vespacide, regicide, fratricide
practice city$ atrocity
expressing the quality of an adjective cy$ diplomacy, literacy, idiocy
circle, cycle, unit of radio frequency cycle$ epicycle, hydrocycle
state or condition of dom$ freedom, boredom, kingdom
stretching out ectasia$, ectasis$ brochiectasis, telangiectasia
surgical removal ectomy$ laryngectomy, vasectomy
ed$ pigment|pigmented
bore|bored, tile|tiled, glue|glued
changes verb to a noun (the object of that verb) ee$ employee, referee, payee
eer$ engineer, overseer
linguistic unit eme$ lexeme, phoneme, morpheme
blood condition emia$ leukemia, anaemia
en$ golden, wooden, written, frozen
en$ lessen, deafen, frighten
cellular tissue enchyma$ mesenchyma, karyenchyma
an act of, a state of, the result of (see ance$) ence$ deferential|deference
corpulence|corpulent, prominent|prominence, independent|independence, violent|violence, absent|absence
ency$ fluent|fluency, cogent|cogency, clement|clemency
absorbent|absorbency, frequent|frequency, consistent|consistency
pertaining to, VERB + ing (see ant$) ent$ differ|different, excellence|excellent, independency|independent, fluency|fluent
one who, that which (see ant$) ent$ residence|resident, regency|regent, superintend|superintendent
eous$ courteous
one who (see or$) er$ work|worker, teach|teacher, employ|employer
write|writer, pursue|pursuer work|worker, write|writer, teach|teacher
work ergy$ energy, synergy
direction ern$ western, northern
ery$ slave|slavery, machine|machinery
to become, to change esce$ convalescent|convalesce
nationality, language ese$ Chinese, Lebanese, Portuguese
in the style of esque$ Pythonesque, Romanesque, picturesque
female ess$ god|goddess, actor|actress, waiter|waitress, steward|stewardess, priest|priestess
sensation, feeling esthesis$, esthesia$ synesthesia, kinesthesis
etic$ hypothesis|hypothetic
energetical|energetic, sympathetical|sympathetic, frenetic
small ~ ette$ diskette, statuette, usherette
how things are going / coming along fare$ welfare, fanfare, warfare
full of, having some or much ful$ hand|handful, sorrow|sorrowful, forget|forgetful, hope|hopeful, use|useful, help|helpful
a scandal, often political (back-formed from the Watergate scandal) gate$ Watergate, nipplegate
knowing gnosis$ prognosis, diagnosis
angle gon$ polygon, pentagon
graph$ photograph|photography
gram$ thermographic|thermogram
adjective form of only 2 or 3 nouns in the English language gry$ angry, hungry
seat, face hedron$ icosahedron, tetrahedron
love, addiction holic$ alcoholic, workaholic
state/condition of, a group sharing characteristics hood$ child|childhood, neighbor|neighborhood, brother|brotherhood, adult|adulthood, false|falsehood
abnormal state, a medical condition ia$ insomnic|insomnia, manic|mania, apraxic|apraxia, dementic|dementia, dysarthric|dysarthria
iable$ sociable
ial$ colony|colonial,
filiality|filial, remediality|remedial
From, related to, or like ian$ mammal|mammalian
from, related to, or like ian$ Algeria|Algerian
one from, belonging to, relating to, or like ian$ politics|politician, library|librarian, physic|physician, music|musician
iant$ deviance|deviant, defiance|defiant
iary$ tertiary
iasis$ trombicula|trombiculiasis
iate$ asphyxiate, deviate
capable, can do (same as -able) ible$ incredible, terrible, visible
ibly$ incredibly, responsibly, terribly
a thing ic$ topic topic
pertaining to ic$ amnesia|amnesic, academia|academic
elasticity|elastic, electronicity|electronic, neurotic|neuroticity, historicity|historic
ical$ critic|critical, economic|economical, phonologic|phonological, historic|historical
the study of ics$ Physics,Aerodynamics,Forensics, economics
(categorical) property (aspect) of id$ hominid, tepid, candid, fervid (compare -al)
iency$ expedieny
ient$ deficiency|deficient, saliency|salient, sentiency|sentient, expediency|expedient
ier$ cashier, financier, gondolier
to become, make ify$, fy$ argu|argufy, clear|clarify, ispec|specify, base|basify, vile|vilify
being ile$ senility|senile, tactility|tactile, facility|facile, volatility|volatile
large numbers illion$ million, billion
ious$ mbition|ambitious, religion|religious
noun from verb, in the process of ing$ doing, acting
ing$ bedding, stuffing, roofing
an act of, a state of, the result of ion$ act|action, companion
adjective from noun; similar, sort of; approximately ish$ girl|girlish, clear|clearish|foolish, slef|selfish, green|greenish, tall|tallish, fifty|fiftyish, ten|tennish
nationality, language ish$ Spanish, Turkish, English
doctrine, act, believe, practice, condition ism$ capital|capitalism, Protestant|Protestantism, alcohol|alcoholism, southern|southernism
Buddhist|Buddhism, fatalist|fatalism, communist|communism
baptise|baptism, criticise|criticism
anachronistic|anachronism, atavistic|atavism
person, one who, ist$ art|artist, social|socialist, cell|cellist, violin|violinist
race|racist, dental|dentist, piano|pianist
ista$ fashionista
member of a group ite$ socialite, Carmelite
pertaining to ite$ finity|finite
disease, inflammation itis$ bronchitic|bronchitis, hepatitic|hepatitis, gingivitis
itive$ sensitive
itude$ attitude, gratitude, Beatitude
expressing state or condition, name of a quality ity$ bnormal|abnormality, normal|normality, formal|formality, banal|banality
metallic element (exception: helium) ium$ sodium, Calcium
an act of, a state of, the result of ive$ mission|missive, explosion|explosivemission|missive
make the noun an adjective ive$ cursiveness|cursive, defense|defensive, aggression|aggressive, passivity|passive
ization$, isation$ organize|organization, categorize|categorization
to cause, to be, to become, to make ize$, ise$ vocal|vocalize, terror|terrorize, material|materialize, material|materialise, idol|idolize, idol|idolise
izzle$ Americizzle
movement (ability thereof) kinesis$ telekinesis
lack of less$ seed|seedless, home|homeless, use|useless, care|careless, clue|clueless
diminutive, or denoting a relation to some part of the body let$ ringlet, hamlet, anklet
having the qualities of like$ childlike
smaller, younger, cuter or weaker version of the noun root OR sharing an identity or quality of the noun root (e.g. as a follower) ling$ darling, duckling, earthling, sapling
like, having the attributes of ly$ brother|brotherly, state|stately, month|monthly
-like, having the attributes of ly$ active|actively, helpful|helpfully, quick|quickly, clear|clearly
person man$ fireman, statesman
divination by mancy$ crystallomancy, bibliomancy, necromancy
an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action mania$ kleptomania, megalomania, mythomania
a substance, abstract noun ment$ treat|treatment, retire|retirement
judge|judgment, move|movement, amaze|amazement
measuring device meter$ thermometry|thermometer
measure metry$ symmetry, geometry, isometry
mony$ testimony, ceremony
form morphism$ isomorphism, homomorphism
most$ utmost, innermost
abstract noun ness$ one|oneness, clam|clamness, sad|sadness, kind|kindness, ruthless|ruthlessness, dark|darkness
Slavic origin; corresponds to "-er" nik$ otkaznik, beatnik
system of government ocracy$ kakistocracy, democracy, androcracy
writing, description ogram$ ideogram
study of ography$ stenography, geography, photography
resembling oid$ android, solenoid, hominoid
resembling oid$ planetoid
one who studies a scientific subject ologist$ archaeologist
ology$ biology, psychology, planetology
a tumor, a growth oma$ fiber|fibroma
subject of an "-omics" ome$ genome
study of rules omics$ proteomics, economics
knowledge of onomy$ astronomy
name, word onym$ antonym, consonym, heteronym
examination opsy$ autopsy, biopsy
one who, person (see er$) or$ act|actor, govern|governor, edit|editor, conduct|conductor
sense|sensor, fact|factor ?
or$, -our$ candor, fervour, color
pertaining to, verb + ing (see ary$) ory$ auditor|auditory, sensor|sensory
a place where ory$ dormitory, historic|history, repositor|repository
full of, like, given to; carbohydrates, protein derivatives ose$ verbose; globose
process, action, formation, diseased condition osis$ diagnose|diagnosis, osmose|osmosis,
ichthyotic|ichthyosis, psychotic|psychosis, mitotic|mitosis
VERB + ing ous$ porosity|porous
dolorousness|dolorous, disaster|disastrous, nerve|nervous
eating phagy$, phagia$ monophagy
attraction philia$ hemophilia
fear phobia$ acrophobia, mysophobia
sound, audio; speaker of a language phone$ telephone, homophone; Anglophone
physeal$ diaphyseal|diaphysis, physeal|physis
plant, used in botany to create terms which categorise plants based on their life-history, growth-form or ecological preferences phyte$ therophyte, halophyte
referring to city or big area polis$ Metropolis, Indianapolis
a thing, a substance s$ patho|pathos
knowing science$ omniscience, prescience, conscience
from Greek skopos, view; instrument for viewing and observing spaces scope$ microscope, telescope, kaleidoscope, periscope
written script$ manuscript, transcript
abstract noun, state of being ship$ friendship, relationship, dictatorship
noun that has been altered from a process sion$ provide|provision, decide|decision, persuade|persuasion, divide|division
diffuse|diffusion, illuse|illusion
an act of, a state of, the result of sis$ aseptic|asepsis
some$ tiresome, awesome, fulsome
land, country stan$ Afghanistan
person ster$ youngster, gangster
t$ burnt, spoilt
ordinal number th$, eth$ tenth, millionth, twentieth
forming a noun th$ growth, health, depth, strength
noun that has been altered from a process tion$ evaporation, introduction
part or segment tom$, tome$ dermatome
to turn tropism$ phototropism
ty$ certainty, loyalty
uary$ sanctuary, mortuary
ular$ table|tabular
ulent$ turbulent, fraudulent
a thing, a substance um$ album
uous$ tempestuous, unctuous, sensuous
a thing, a substance, one that is related t ure$ fail|failure, expose|exposure, natural|nature, temperature
inflammation us$ ulcus
city, town from French ville$ Nashville
to devour vore$, vorous$ carnivore, herbivore
direction ward$, wards$ southward, inward, upward
software ware$ hardware, software, freeware
ways$ sideways, longways
direction wise$ clockwise, lengthwise
person who makes wright$ playwright, wheelwright, shipwright
having the quality of, inclined to y$ bush|bushy, mess|messy, chew|chewy
an act of, a state of, the result of y$ abundance|abundancy
biologic|biology, jealous|jealousy, victor|victory
y$ clarify|clarification, apply|application, certify|certification
relating to Africa Afro Afro-American
relating to England Anglo Anglo-Irish
European Euro Eurocentric
French, France Franco Francophile
relating to the Indian subcontinent Indo Indo-European
lacking in, lack of, not, without a asexual, asymmetric
verb > predicative adjective with progressive aspect afloat, atremble
on, in, at abed, amidst, ashore
in (such) a state or condition afresh
in (such) a manner aloud, alive
away, from abs abstract
addition or increase af affirm
both ambi ambitendency
two, both, on both sides amphi amphiaster, amphitheater, amphibian
lacking in, lack of, not, without an anemic
up, against anode
up, against ana anatoxin
before ante antenatal
opposite, against anti anti-war, antivirus, anti-human
away, different from apo apomorphine
detached, separate apocarpous
formed from, related to apocodeine
supreme, highest, worst arch archangel
preeminent, extreme archcapitalist, archinfamy
first in time, primitive archfather, archform
star astro astrobiology
astrological, astrological and astrodiagnosis, astromedical
aster in cells astrosphere
change into, movememnt to, addition or increase at attend
self auto autobiography, automatic
automatic, self-acting, self-regulating autofeed, autowind
of, by, affecting or for the same individual autohemagglutination, autovaccine
self-caused, self-induced autointoxication
acting as an antibody on or produced as an antibody for one’s own antigens autoagglutinin, autohemolysin
equipped with, covered with, beset with (pejorative or facetious) be bedeviled, becalm, bedazzle, bewitch
to a great degree, thoroughly becudgel, befuddle, bespatter
about, to, at, upon, against; intransitive verbs from intransitive verbs bestride, bespeak
make, cause to be, treat as; verbs from adjectives or nouns belittle, benumb, befriend
chemical prefix of unknown meaning bekanamycin, bemethyl
two bi bicycle
biological bio biodegrade
both; of or belonging to both; two bis bisischiatic, bismarine
doubled bisdimethylamino, bisquaternary
around circum circumnavigate
on this side cis cis-vaccenate
joint, with, accompanying co co-worker, coordinator, cooperation, cohabit
in or to the same degree coextensive, coeval
operating together or reciprocally coterm
of the complement of an angle cosine, codeclination
together or with col colleague
colon colectasia
together or with com commingle
together or with con confederation
cone conus
opposite contra contradict
together or with cor correlation
against, in opposition to counter counteract, counterpart
ice cryo cryogenics
hidden, secret crypto cryptography
reverse action, get rid of de de-emphasise
down depress
get off of (something) detrain, deplane
derived or compounded from (something) deacetyl
having removal of one or more atoms of (a specified element) dehydro-, deoxy-
half demi demiembryo, demispan
people demo demography
two di dioxide
apart dif differ
not, opposite of dis disloyal, disagree
reverse action, get rid of disconnect, disinformation
apart dissect
to make something lesser, lower or worse down downgrade
two du duet
two duo duovirus
abnormal, diseased, bad, unfavorable,faulty dys dysplasia, dyspathy, dysfunction
difficult, with difficulty dysmenorrhea, dysoxidize
absence or reverse of dysteleology
ecological eco ecosystem
electric, electricity electro electroablation
electromagnetic electrochronograph
electron-related electrophilic
to make into, to put into, to get into em empower
to provide with empower
to cause to be (sometimes with suffix –en) embolden
so as to cover or surround; thoroughly embower
to make into, to put into, to get into en enmesh
in, within, inside endermic, enzootic
chemically saturated; having one double bond enamine
upon, at, close upon, in addition epi epidermis
petrographically altered epidiorite
epimer of a specified chemical compound epicholesterol, epirhamnose
chemical compound or group distinguished from another by having a bridge connection epichlorhydrin
former ex ex-wife
out of export
outside extra extracurricular
before fore forearm, forerunner
at or toward the front; the front part of something forearm
relating to the earth or its surface geo geography
spinning on an axis gyro gyrokinetic
in a ring or spiral gyromancy
blood haem haemagglutinin
blood haemo haemodialysis
blood hem hemagglutinin
blood hemagglutinin
blood hemagglutinin
half hemi hemiataxia
blood hemo hemodialysis
different hetero heterosexual
isomeric with or closely related to a (specified) compound heteroxanthine
same homo homogenous, homologous
homologous with a (specified) organic compound homoserine
from the same species; corresponding in type of structure homograft, homolysin
relating to water, or using water hydro hydroelectricity
containing hydrogen hydroborate
characterized by an accumulation of fluid in a (specified) body part hydronephrosis
hydroid hydromedusa
above, over hyper hyperthermia
under or below something, low hypo hypothermia
image, idea ideo ideograph
individual, personal, unique idio idiographic
not, opposite of il illegal
not, opposite of im immature
in, into in insert
not, opposite of inexact
below, beneath infra infrared
among, between inter intercede, interstate, interact
inside, within intra intravenous
not, opposite of ir irregular
equal iso isochromatic
long macro macrobiotic
bad(ly) mal malfunction
very long, very large maxi maxi-circle
great, large mega megabase
great, large megalo megastar, megalopolis
after, along with, beyond, among, behind meta meta-theory
small micro microautoradiogram
middle mid midlife
medium-sized midi midiplasmin
small mini minibus
wrong, astray mis misinformation, misguide
sole, only mono monogamy
many multi multi-storey
many times over; in many respects multimillionaire, multispecialist
affecting many parts multiglandular
new neo neolithic
not non nonexistent
blocking, against, concealing ob ibstruct
blocking, against, concealing oc occult
blocking, against, concealing of offend
all omni omnipotent, omnipresent
blocking, against, concealing op oppose
correcting or straightening ortho orthodontics, orthotropic
indicates a 1,2-substituted benzene ring in organice chemistry orthonitrophenol
indicates the common form of an acid in inorganic chemistry orthoboric acid
chemical prefix orthoformate
better, faster, longer, beyond out outreach, outcome
too much over overreact, overact
child paed TBD
child paedo TBD
child paid TBD
child paido TBD
old paleo paleolithic
all, worldwide pan pan-African
beside, beyond para parallel
isomeric with, polymeric with, or otherwise closely related to paracasein
the relation of two opposite positions in the benzene ring that are separated by two carbon atoms TBD
a derivative in which two substituting groups occupy such positions para-xylene
foot ped pedestrian
creature or object having feet or footlike projections Pediastrum, pedrail
something (specified) involving feet pedomotor
child TBD
child pedo TBD
through, completely, wrongly, exceedingly per permeate, permute
in chemistry, to denote a large amount or designate combination of an element in its highest valence perchloroethylene
around peri periabdominal
near perihelion
enclosing, surrounding perineurium
tissue surrounding (specified part) periarthritis
light, photography, photograph photo photoelectric
foot pod podiatrist
many poly polygon
chemistry--containing more than one and especially more than two or three units of (a specified substance) polyatomic
chemistry--polymer of, polymerized polyethylene
chemistry--isopoly- polymolybdate
after post post-election, post-graduation, postpone
before pre pre-election, pre-enter, predict
beyond, past, more than preter preternatural
for, on the side of pro pro-life
substitute, deputy proconsul
before procambium
toward pros Prosthesis
first, original proto protoplasm, prototype
false, imitation pseudo pseudonym
fire pyr pyroantimonate
in chemistry, indicates a dimeric acid anhydride pyrophosphoric acid
due to or or attributed to the action of fire or heat pyrochlore
of fiery color pyrophanite
fever, fever producing pyrotoxin
fire pyro pyroantimonate
in chemistry, indicates a dimeric acid anhydride pyrophosphoric acid
due to or or attributed to the action of fire or heat pyrochlore
of fiery color pyrophanite
fever, fever producing pyrotoxin
partly, almost, appearing to be but not really quasi quasiaxial
again, back re rerun
backwards retro retrograde
self self self-sufficient
half semi semicircle
society, social, sociological socio sociopath
family relation by remarriage step stepbrother
below, under sub subway
below, under sup support
above, over super supervisor
above, over supra suprarenal
above, over sur surreal, surrender
together, with sy system
together, with syl syllable
together, with sym symbol
together, with syn synthesis
at a distance tele television
across, from one place to another trans transatlantic, transverse
three tri tricycle
two twi twilight
beyond, extremely ultra ultraviolet, ultrasonic
not, opposite of un unnecessary, unequal
reverse action, deprive of, release from undo, untie
lower in grade/dignity, lesser, insufficient under underachieve
below, beneath underground, underpass
one uni unicycle
to make something more, higher or better up upgrade
deputy vice vice-president
against with withstand